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zum Immobilien-Schnell-Wert-Fuchs

Immobilien mit 
Wir bewerten Immobilien mit Herz und Verstand und bringen Schwung in ihren Verkauf

zum Immo-Verkaufs-Fuchs

Bewertung der Immobilie mit Datenaufnahme vor Ort ab € 387 

Wohnflächenberechnung vor Ort: 1,20 € pro m² Wohnfläche
Ermittlung der Brutto-Geschoßflächen: vor Ort: 0,75 € pro m² Geschoßfläche


Since 1981, private customers and institutional investors have been buying and selling apartments, houses and building-ready plots of land in the upper quality segment at optimal prices through us. With appraisal and exclusively in a qualified exclusive sales order, at a fair, jointly calculated fixed price. Better safe than sorry! For all properties for sale, there is a ready-made, well-founded real estate documentation  from OnGeo in accordance with current bank requirements, which usually   considerably facilitates the processing of the bank financing application . This helps, especially in times of rising interest rates,

Save time, money and nerves. 

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